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Key sites for genealogical research in Canada

  1. Canadian Genealogy Centre by Library and Archives Canada
    The main portal to genealogical resources on the web site of Library and Archives Canada, including the 1901 Census, 1871 Ontario census, First World War attestation papers, and more.
  2. Early Canadiana Online
    Huge collection of 18th and 19th century Canadiana, comprising some 1.6 million pages from over 8,750 books or volumes.
  3. Our Roots: Canada's Local Histories Online
    Thousands of local histories of Canadian communities, now out of copyright, fully searchable.
  4. Archives Canada
    A combined catalog of hundreds of Canadian archives at the national, provincial and local levels. Search all archives at once.

Maritime Provinces Links

New Brunswick Gen Links
Upper St. John River Valley web site
New Brunswick's Past
Ruby Cusack's New Brunswick Genealogy page
Cork or Teetotal Settlement, York County
The New Brunswick Land Company Settlements: Stanley and Harvey
New Brunswick Cemeteries: Transcriptions and Photos
Kingston Peninsula Heritage Society (New Brunswick)
The Covered Bridges of New Brunswick

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census online Gordon Mumford's Wartime Merchant Navy page

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