Atlas of York County, New Brunswick, 1878

by H. E. Halfpenny


The maps reproduced here have been compressed in JPG format from higher resolution TIF files. Researchers wishing to have the full-quality map images on CD-ROM can contact me by e-mail. This atlas of York county was first published in 1878 by H. E. Halfpenny. It is an excellent record of the farmers and townspeople who lived in this large county and invaluable for finding their residences and places of business. It can be used in conjunction with the censuses of 1871 and 1881 to situate families geographically and identify their neighbours and local relationships.

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Table of Contents

York County York County - northern part
York County - southern part

City of Fredericton Fredericton - northern part
Fredericton - southern part
Town Plat - east
Town Plat - west
Kings & Queens Wards - north
Kings & Queens Wards - south
Carleton ward - north
Carleton ward - south
St. Ann's & Wellington wards - north
St. Ann's & Wellington wards - south

Parish of New Maryland New Maryland - north
New Maryland - south

Parish of Kingsclear Kingsclear - north
Kingsclear - south

Parish of Prince William Prince William - north
Prince William - middle
Prince William - south

Parish of St. Mary's St. Mary's - south
St. Mary's - middle
St. Mary's - northwest
St. Mary's - northeast
St. Mary's Ferry
Nashwaak village
Robinson saw mill

Parish of Douglas Parish of Douglas
Douglas - south
Douglas - middle
Douglas - northwest
Douglas - northeast
Douglas village

Parish of Bright Bright - south
Bright - north
Smiths Corner

Parish of Queensbury Queensbury - east
Queensbury - west

Parish of Southampton Southampton - southwest
Southampton - northeast

Parish of Dumfries Dumfries - north
Dumfries - middle
Dumfries - south

Parish of Canterbury Canterbury - northwest
Canterbury - northeast
Canterbury - southwest
Canterbury - southeast
Canterbury Station
Canterbury village
Forest City

Parish of Manners Sutton Manners Sutton - north
Manners Sutton - middle
Manners Sutton - south
Harvey Station

Parish of Stanley Parish of Stanley
Stanley - south
Stanley - north
Stanley village

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Reproduced by Rob Fisher in 2004 (Copyright expired)