Atlas of Saint John City and County, New Brunswick, 1875

by F. B. Roe and N. Geo. Colby


The maps reproduced here have been compressed in JPG format from high-resolution TIF files to save disk space and speed up loading. Still, the files are large even in JPG format and will take some time to load on dial-up connections. Be patient. Researchers wishing to have the full-quality map images on a CD-ROM can contact me by e-mail. This atlas of Saint John city and county was first published in 1875 by George Colby and F. B. Roe. The date is historically significant because it offers a glimpse of the city before much of it was wiped out in the Great Fire of 1877. It also provides evidence of how Indiantown was rebuilt after much of it was destroyed in the fire of 1864. Many names of residents and businesses are marked on the maps making it an excellent resource for genealogists and local historians.

Title Page and Table of Contents Title Page
Table of Contents

Map of St. John and Kings Counties St. John and Kings Counties - west
St. John and Kings Counties - east

City of Saint John Saint John overview - Carleton
Saint John overview - centre
Saint John overview - north
Dukes & Sydney wards - west
Dukes & Sydney wards - east
Queens ward - west
Queens ward - east
Kings ward - west
Kings ward - east
Wellington & Prince wards - northwest
Wellington & Prince wards - southwest
Wellington & Prince wards - northwest
Wellington & Prince wards - southeast
Brooks ward - northeast
Brooks ward - northwest
Brooks ward - southwest
Guys & Albert wards - northeast
Guys & Albert wards - northwest
Guys & Albert wards - southeast

Town of Portland Portland overview - northwest
Portland overview - southwest
Portland overview - northeast
Portland overview - southeast
Village plan 1 - northwest (railway grounds)
Village plan 1 - southwest (railway grounds)
Village plan 1 - east (Marsh Creek)
Village plan 2 - northwest (Fort Howe)
Village plan 2 - southwest (harbour)
Village plan 2 - northeast (Mount Pleasant)
Village plan 2 - southeast (railway station)
Village plan 3 - southwest (Indiantown)
Village plan 3 - northwest (Indiantown)
Village plan 3 - northeast (Fort Howe)
Village plan 3 - southeast (harbour)
Village plan 4 - southwest (falls)
Village plan 4 - southeast (Straight Shore)
Village plan 4 - northeast (Straight Shore)

Parish of Lancaster Lancaster overview - west
Lancaster overview - east
Lancaster part 1 - northeast
Lancaster part 1 - southeast
Lancaster part 1 - southwest
Lancaster part 1 - northwest
Lancaster part 1 - extension
Lancaster part 2 - east
Lancaster part 2 - southwest
Lancaster part 2 - northwest
South Bay
Musquash - northeast
Musquash - southwest

Parish of Simonds Simonds - northwest
Simonds - southwest
Simonds - northeast
Simonds - southeast
Crouchville & Courtenay - northeast
Crouchville & Courtenay - northwest
Crouchville & Courtenay - southeast
Crouchville & Courtenay - southwest

Parish of St. Martins St. Martins - northwest
St. Martins - southwest
St. Martins - central
St. Martins - east
Quaco - northwest
Quaco - southwest
Quaco - east

Lists of Subscribers Saint John 1
Saint John 2
Saint John 3
Saint John 4
Saint John & Portland 1
Saint John & Portland 2
Musquash & Prince of Wales
South Bay
St. Martins

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Reproduced by Robert C. Fisher in 2004 (Copyright expired)