List of Businesses in Fredericton, 1840-1895

Transcribed from the Daily Gleaner, 1 November 1895, by Daniel F. Johnson:

"W. H. QUINN has favored the Gleaner with a list of gentlemen and firms who were doing business in Fredericton in 1840 and of those who have done business here since then and passed away or made changes. Some of the gentlemen in this list are still living. Mr. Quinn's name also appears in the list of the veterans, he having been continuously in business in this city since 1850. The names which do not appear under the heading of some street are chiefly those of men who did business on Queen Street, although a few of them may have done business in some other locality"

S. A. ACKERLEY, hardware
Samuel ACKERLEY, hardware
ADAMS, hardware
ADAMS, hardware
Thomas AITKEN, cabinet maker
Needham AKERLEY, grocer
George ANDERSON, tavern
Robert ANDERSON, baker
Joseph ARMOUR, grocer
G. F. ATHERTON, grocer
BALLOCH's hotel on site of Randolph block
BANE, tinsmith
James BARKER, tavern
Spafford BARKER, general store
Thos. BARKER, tanner
W. F. BARKER, shoe store
J. S. BEEK, general store
Henry S. BEEK, stationer
Francis BEVERLEY, bookbinder
Miss BISLEY, milliner
Hugh BLOCK, mason
Peter BOGAN, variety store
Thomas BOWLAN, blacksmith
Enoch O. BRADLEY, blacksmith
Thomas BRADLEY, harness
Patrick BRANNEN, grocer
Mrs. BREEN, tavern
James BRYSON, grocer and liquors
John BROWN, blacksmith
BUTCHER, cabinet maker
James CAMERON, grocer
Wm CAMERON, butcher
John CARR, tavern
CARTER, gumsmith
Robt. CHESTNUT, hardware
James COOK, merchant
Holly COY, druggist
John S. COY, merchant
Benjmain CREIGHTON, tavern
Wm CUNNINGHAM, tinsmith
Henry CLARK, tanner
CURREY & SMITH, grocers
DAVIS, liquor store
Miss DOAK, milliner
DOAK & HILL, printers
DONALD, general store
Pat DONNELLY, tanner
James DRAKE, provision
Dan ELLIOTT, tinsmith
George ELLIOTT, blacksmith
Ned ELLIOTT, blacksmith
Thomas ESSINGTON, tailor
ESTEY hotel
Henry FISHER, general store
William FISHER, general store
Joseph FRENCH, groceries and liquors
James FRIEL, shoemaker
George FROUGHTON, groceries and liquors
Zebedee GABEL, tanner
James GALE, druggist
Joseph GAYNOR, general store
Thomas GIVAN, mason
GORDON, druggist
GOULD, hotel
John GRAHAM, printer
Charles GREGOR, grocer
William GRIEVES, tavern
Walter GRIEVES, tavern
William GROSVENOR, dry goods and liquors
John B. GUNTER, grocer
HACKETT, tavern
James HALE, general store
James HAMILTON, dry goods
Mrs. HAMILTON, milliner
Harry HAMMOND, grocer
John HANLON, blacksmith
Miss HANCOCK, milliner
George HARTT, tanner
F. W. HATHEWAY, merchant
Thomas HATHEWAY, grocer
Miss HATHEWAY, milliner
James HOGG, printer
Thomas HOGG, printer
N. S. HOOPER, groceries and liquors
Julius INCHES, clothing store
William INCHES, grocer
JACKSON, hotel
JOHNSON, grocer
KENNELL & BISHOP, general store
KIERSTON, tinsmith
KINCAID, gunsmith
Jarvis KING, tanner
Patrick KIRLIN, dry goods and clothing
Bernard KIRLIN, tailor
James KNOWLES, Express Co.
LARIMORE, printer
LEFOREST & Son, tinsmith
Peter LEE, tavern
Thomas LEE, tavern
Gilbert LEMONT, general store
Joseph LETT, tavern
Thomas LINDSAY, mason
Albert LORDLY, auctioneer
Con. LOWERY, grocer
James LUCAS, general store
Chas. LUGRIN, printer
James MARA, grocer
James MARTIN, tavern
Mr. MATHEWS, grocer
John MATHEWS, liquor
John McBEATH, clothing
Timothy McCARTY, grocer
James McCAUSLAND, jeweller
McCAUSLAND, leather store
McCONAGNY, groceries and liquors
John McDALE, tavern
John McGEEHAN, grocer
McGILVERY, shoe factory
Abraham McKEEN, groceries an liquors
John McKINTOSH, grocer and liquor
MacKINTOSH, general store
P. McMANUS, grocer
Duncan McPHERSON, harness maker
McPHERSON & Co., general store
John McPHERSON, grocer and liquor
W. A. MELVIN, merchant
Jacob MILLER, grocer
Samuel MILLER, stationer
MITCHELL, grocer
John MOORE, groceries and liquors
William MOORE, groceries
Wm MOORE, tinsmith
Michael MORAN, grocer
Thomas MORRIS, clothier
Felix MULHERIN, grocer and liquor
John MULLIN, shoe store
Nicholas MURRAY, tavern
MYSHRALL & RITCHIE, groceries and liquors
Mark NEEDHAM, auctioneer
Thomas NESBITT, cabinet maker
William PAISLEY, grocer
PARENT, blacksmith
Thomas PARSONS, blacksmith
Andrew PAYNE, shoemaker
Thomas PEPPERS, grocer
James PHILLIPS, printer
Thomas PICKARD, general store
PICKARD and COBURN, general store
Jerry PORTER, baker
W. H. QUINN, proprietor
James RANDOLPH, grocer
John H. REID, groceries and liquors
W. H. ROBINSON, liquor store
ROBINSON & WHEELER, groceries and liquors
Wesley ROSS, shoemaker
John RUSSELL, tinsmith
John RUSSELL, tinsmith
Henry RUTTER, harness
Thomas RUTTER, cabinet maker
Philip SCHLEYER, gunsmith
Wm SEGEE, hotel
O. T. SHARKEY, dry goods and groceries
John SHOALS, grocer
John SIMPSON, printer
Thos. SIMMONS, tanner
Alfred SMITH, druggist
Anthony SMITH, blacksmith
John F. and Sabastin SMITH, merchants
Oliver SMITH, general store
Treadwell SMITH, general store
SMITH hotel. Wm SMITHSON, druggist
Justin SPAHNN, watchmaker
Richard STAPLES, tavern
William STEVENSON, grocer
Thomas STEWART, hardware
Thomas STEWART, hardware
STEWART & NEILL, hardware
W. H. STREET, liquors and groceries
Robert SUTHERLAND, shoemaker
Hector SUTHERLAND, general store
John and James TAYLOR, general store
Jonathan P. TAYLOR & NORTH, watches & tinware
Michael TAYLOR, tavern
THORNE, general store
Polly VANHORN, tavern and grocery
Henry VAVASOUR, stationer
James WARD, printer
John WARD, grocer
John WELLS, mason
Robert WELSH, Albion Hotel
Yerxa WHITE, grocer
George WHITTAKER, shoe store
Stephen WHITTAKER, tanner
Thomas WILLIAMS, liquor and grocery
Dr. WILSON, barber
James WILLOX, harness maker
George WINTER, general store
George WOODS, general store
Joseph WOOLHOPTER, watchmaker
WRIGHT, baker
Charles YERXA, hotel

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