New Jersey Volunteers Muster Roll, 1783

Muster roll of Captain Edward Earle's company, Long Island, New York, 22 August 1783, part of the 3rd Battalion of the New Jersey Volunteers under the command of Colonel Abraham Van Buskirk. During the summer of 1781 the British had consolidated the New Jersey Volunteers into three battalions from four with the disbandment of the 2nd Battalion. As a result, the 4th Battalion, including this company, was renumbered the 3rd Battalion. The muster roll is available on Library and Archives Canada microfilm reel C-4216.

CaptainEdward Earle
LieutenantJames Servinear
EnsignPhilip V. Cortland
SergeantAbraham Rattan
SergeantSamuel V. Gezen
SergeantGeorge Dobbe
CorporalPhilip Hanselpecker
CorporalPeter RidnorSick
CorporalJacob Homine
DrumsWilliam Sindzer
PrivateLeonard Bailey
PrivateWilliam BellOn Guard
PrivateHenry WanamakerWith leave (Staten Island)
PrivateJohn Van Lile
PrivatePeter RamseyOn Guard
PrivateGeorge Smith
PrivateGeorge HemionOn Duty
PrivateJohn Connolly
PrivateSamuel Demoray
PrivateWilliam CrawfordSick
PrivateTimothy Collins
PrivateLewis Fisher
PrivateJohn SickelsSick
PrivateJohn Brinley
PrivatePeter Smith
PrivateNicholas Hemion
PrivateBortus Newhousen
PrivateCoonrad Hanselpecker
PrivateJacob Hemion
PrivateJohn Brett
PrivateJoseph Sykes
PrivateDaniel Hunt
PrivateDavid DegroteReturned from imprisonment, not subsisted since 24 August 1780
PrivateAbraham AckermanDeserted 28 July 1783
PrivateJohn Abele
PrivateWilliam Brown

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